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Descriptors in Studio (UiRPA part 11)

Descriptors in Studio

About the course

The Descriptors in UiPath Studio course teaches more about user interface automation with UiPath using Modern design experience. In this course, you’ll learn what Descriptors are in UiPath Studio, Advanced options in the selection window, as well as Target element validation. You’ll learn how to configure and fine-tune Descriptor when you encounter difficult situations.   

Descriptors in Studio is a two-hour full course. It’s applicable to those who already understand RPA, more specifically UI automation. At the end of the Descriptors in UiPath Studio course, you receive a diploma of completion. 

What you will learn in this course

At the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • State all the Advanced options of the selection window.
  • Explain when to make use of Enforce visibility, Dynamic Text Target and Native Text Target options.
  • Explain how to use the Image selection option.
  • Define what UI Descriptors are.
  • Explain how the Descriptor gets generated.
  • Explain how the target element validation works.
  • Choose the correct targeting method while automating UI elements.
  • Explain how to explore the attributes of UI elements to build the automation logic.
  • Fine-tune Descriptor to uniquely identify the required UI elements on the screen.
  • Explain what the Object Repository is.
  • State the key benefits of an Object Repository.
  • Explain the key concepts in the Object Repository: UI Descriptors, UI Elements, Screens, Applications, UI Libraries.
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UI Automation with Studio (UiRPA part 6)

UI Automation with Studio

UI Automation with Studio

About the course

Through this set of UI automation tutorials, you’ll learn about UI automation with UiPath. You’ll practice both the modern design experience and the classic design experience. Learn to effectively build User Interface automation projects using activities like Use Application Browser, Click, Type Into, Get Text, Check APP state and so on. This course also covers the corresponding Input methods, such as Chromium API, Simulate, Send Windows Messages. And the Output methods such as Full text, Native and OCR.

This UiPath Studio guide builds on what you’ve already learned about RPA development. It teaches you about UI Automation with Studio to continue your automation journey.  

Product alignment: this course was built using the 2021.10 product version of UiPath Studio and applies to newer versions as well.