Excel Python

Working with Excel in Python

While Excel remains a critical tool for many business applications, Python provides the scalability, flexibility and advanced analytics capabilities needed to thrive in the era of big data.


Working with Excel

Conditional formatting

This can be found on the Home > Style > Conditional Formatting.

Excel Conditional Formatting

Whenever you want to want to use a formula, I found it easier to do this trick. Create the formula next to the column you want to apply the formatting. In the case below, I want to check if the value is greater than 100 (=A2>100, =A2>100 etc)


Beautiful To-Do List (Excel Template)

To-do list excel template preview

How do you manage your time and tasks? What application do you normally use to keep track of your daily/weekly tasks? These should be fairly easy questions, right? For most of us, it isn’t. Let’s have a look at some statistics.

Time and task management statistics

  • 18% of people have a dedicated Time Management system. 82% of people do not have a dedicated Time Management system.
  • 33% of people use a To-Do List to manage their time and tasks.
  • 24% of people use their Email Inbox as their time and Task Management system.
  • 12% of people schedule all of their tasks in their diaries in advance.
  • 25% of people “Just deal with whatever seems most important at the time”. (source: