Beautiful To-Do List (Excel Template)

To-do list excel template preview

How do you manage your time and tasks? What application do you normally use to keep track of your daily/weekly tasks? These should be fairly easy questions, right? For most of us, it isn’t. Let’s have a look at some statistics.

Time and task management statistics

  • 18% of people have a dedicated Time Management system. 82% of people do not have a dedicated Time Management system.
  • 33% of people use a To-Do List to manage their time and tasks.
  • 24% of people use their Email Inbox as their time and Task Management system.
  • 12% of people schedule all of their tasks in their diaries in advance.
  • 25% of people “Just deal with whatever seems most important at the time”. (source:

What system do I use?

For this type of activity, I normally use Excel. There are a lot of mobile/web applications that help you do that but if they are free they come with ads and if they are not free, well then you have to pay a subscription.

Why should I do that if I can build myself a very useful and stylish excel to-do list? The advantage of doing this is the fact that I can customise as much as I would like. If I was able to build one for myself you should build one too or use mine as an example. Plus, if you don’t have excel installed on your PC, my to-do list excel template can be uploaded on Google Drive and you can use it from there.

My version of a To-do List

To-do list
To-do List and the Dashboard

To get the excel template please drop me a message using the contact page.