Python Selenium

Selenium & Python

Download and install python

Go to official website and download the latest version.

download python 3.12

Make sure you’ve selected the checkbox for adding the Python path to the Environment Variable.

windows environment variable python path

After you install the latest version, open CMD and type the following python –version.

cmd python

Congrats, Python was successfully installed!


This is the standard package manager for Python. It allows you to install and manage additional packages that are not part of the Python standard library.

It comes with python and you can locate it in the Scripts folder C:\Users\{{username}}\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python312\Scripts

Install Selenium for Python

Open CMD as Administrator and type pip install selenium

pip –help to check all available options.

pip show <package name>

Install PyCharm

Download and install the community edition as this is the free version.

Open the PyCharm and create a new project. Go to Interpreter Settings and set the

My first Python program

Python Data Types

Download ChromeDriver

PyTest Testing Framework

How to install PyTest

Go to CMD and type the following line

pip install pytest

To check the installed version, write

pytest --version

PyTest Framework Standards

  • PyTest files should start with test_ or end with _test
  • PyTest methods should start with test_
  • Any code should be wrapped in a method

Run PyTest from PyCharm

In PyCharm, create a new project, then create a new package (call it pytestsDemo). Inside create a new file called Paste this code:

def test_firstProgram():

To execute it, go to Edit Configuration …

The test results should look like this


def test_firstProgram():

def test_secondProgram():
    print("Hello 2")

def test_secondProgram():
    msg = "Hello"
    assert msg == "Hi", "Test failed because the 2 strings don't match"

Run PyTest from CMD

Open CMD, go to the package location (cd absolute path) and run

py.test -v -s

Use the -k option to run tests only for the methods that contain the specific keyword (in the example below I used “loginPage”)

py.test -k loginPage -v -s

Another option is to group tests with PyTest mark.

import pytest

def test_firstProgram():

def test_secondProgram():
    msg = "Hello"
    assert msg == "Hi", "Test failed because the 2 strings don't match"

def test_thirdProgram():
    i = 1
    j = 2
    assert i+j == 3, "The sum of the 2 numbers doesn't match"

@pytest.mark.smoke, @pytest.mark.skip, @pytest.mark.xfail

PyTest Fixture

A fixture in PyTest is a function that provides data, objects, or resources to test functions.

import pytest

def input_value():
    return 39

def test_divisible_by_3(input_value):
    assert input_value % 3 == 0

Generate HTML reports

To generate the reports for all your tests you need to install pytest-html

pip install pytest-html

Logging in Python Tests


  • Debug
  • Info
  • Warning
  • Error
  • Critical
import inspect
import logging

class BaseClass:
    def getLogger(self):
        loggerName = inspect.stack()[1][3]
        # logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)
        logger = logging.getLogger(loggerName)
        fileHandler = logging.FileHandler('logfile.log')
        formatter = logging.Formatter("%(asctime)s: [%(levelname)s] %(name)s:  %(message)s")

        # set the logging level
        return logger