Working with Excel

Conditional formatting

This can be found on the Home > Style > Conditional Formatting.

Excel Conditional Formatting

Whenever you want to want to use a formula, I found it easier to do this trick. Create the formula next to the column you want to apply the formatting. In the case below, I want to check if the value is greater than 100 (=A2>100, =A2>100 etc)

RPA UiPath

DataTables and Excel Automation With Studio (UiRPA part 7)

Data Tables and Excel Automation with Studio

DataTables and Excel Automation With Studio

About the course

This course covers automating one of the most widely used business tools—Excel. You will learn the different ways to work with Excel and associated files (.xlsx, .xls, .csv) using the specific methods and tools that UiPath Studio offers. The course will also introduce a type of variable meant for working with Excel files and databases, the DataTable (System.Data.DataTable).