Bizagi Tips and Tricks

Bizagi SQL queries

Why do we need SQL queries

The answer is quite simple. As a Bizagi BPM Consultant/Developer you must have a way to better understand how things are managed at a database level. This can be achieved by running some custom SQL queries.

I mainly use these scripts to instantly get access to some information that otherwise is quite impossible to get from Bizagi. Also, it provides an amazing way to debug your process, check for performances issues, bottlenecks in your workflows, etc.

Bizagi Connector

DocuSign enhanced Bizagi connector

About DocuSign

DocuSign is a fast, reliable, and secured way to electronically sign documents. The electronic signature service can be directly integrated with Bizagi using the custom DocuSign connector.

Business case: onboarding new employee

There are many documents associated with hiring a new employee, things like contact forms, benefits enrollment, and many more. All those documents can be filled out and signed electronically.