Bizagi Tips and Tricks

How to build inline validation in Bizagi

Why should you choose inline validation over Bizagi’s default validation

  1. Increases User Engagement and Satisfaction: Inline validation improves the user experience by providing real-time feedback on errors or invalid entries. This helps users to correct mistakes instantly, making them feel more in control and engaged with the form, which can increase user satisfaction.
  2. Reduces Errors and Form Abandonment: Inline validation helps to reduce errors and form abandonment by guiding users to correct mistakes as they go. This reduces the chances of users submitting incomplete or incorrect forms and ensures that all required fields are filled out before submission.
  3. Saves Time and Effort: Inline validation saves time and effort for both users and website owners. Users don’t have to go back and forth to correct mistakes, and website owners don’t have to manually check and correct invalid entries. This makes the whole process quicker and more efficient.