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Working with Tables in Bizagi


  1. Editable table with row validation
  2. Filter dropdown values to exclude already selected ones

Editable table with row validation

Table Functionality

Table functionality in Bizagi
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Credential in Bizagi

Credential vs Me.Case.WorkingCredential

The important thing to consider when deciding to choose between these two functions is the CONTEXT: are you using this function in an ongoing case or outside of a case like Queries, Summary forms, Global forms etc?

  • Use Credential, when it is required to use the information of the currently logged-in user in Query, Summary or Global forms etc (i.e., without context).
  • Use Me.WorkingCredential, when it is required to use the information of the current user allocated to the current task in Process forms or expressions (i.e., with context).
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Working with XMLs

EntityManagerSOA web methods

Bizagi EntityManagerSOA web methods


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Create custom HTML emails in Bizagi

How to create custom emails

Go to Activity Actions (Events) and select your activity. Add a new e-Mail.

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How to get the case link in Bizagi

In this article, I will walk you through an easy and powerful solution on how to get the case link in Bizagi.

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Trace method

The ability to trace information in order to test your code is highly important. After many years of working with Bizagi, I have developed an quite interesting method of tracing the data.

All files are saved in the Trace folder and each case has its unique trace file. I don’t have to mention the usefulness of this approach because it’s quite obvious. Whenever you have to check something related to a particular case, you jump to the Trace folder and search using the case number.

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Don’t use Conditional activity or Conditional event

Both elements are extensions to the BPM 2.0 standard and were introduced in Bizagi starting with version 11.0

Conditional event

What is a Conditional activity

As Bizagi defines it, Conditional activities are enabled or disabled during the course of a case instance depending upon a business condition. They represent a user task that when enabled is allocated to an end-user.

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Bizagi SQL queries

Why do we need SQL queries

The answer is quite simple. As a Bizagi BPM Consultant/Developer you must have a way to better understand how things are managed at a database level. This can be achieved by running some custom SQL queries.

I mainly use these scripts to instantly get access to some information that otherwise is quite impossible to get from Bizagi. Also, it provides an amazing way to debug your process, check for performances issues, bottlenecks in your workflows, etc.

Bizagi Connector

DocuSign enhanced Bizagi connector

About DocuSign

DocuSign is a fast, reliable, and secured way to electronically sign documents. The electronic signature service can be directly integrated with Bizagi using the custom DocuSign connector.

Business case: onboarding new employee

There are many documents associated with hiring a new employee, things like contact forms, benefits enrollment, and many more. All those documents can be filled out and signed electronically.