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Collections in Bizagi

Case Scenario: The Peer Review process

The Peer Review process in Bizagi

Process Description: The Peer Review process is a collaborative approach that involves two key participants: the Reviewer and the Developer. In this process, the Developer examines and evaluates the code created by the Reviewer. The purpose of this examination is to ensure the code meets certain standards and to identify any potential issues or areas for improvement.

Working with collections

To illustrate how easy is to work with collections I will describe the technical functionalities using the process called Peer Review.

When you must fill in a form and then save the content into a collection I suggest the following solution:

Data model: You have 2 entities Main Process entity called mPER and an entity mPERFinding. The latter has 2 relations with the former: these two are one-to-one (Finding) and one-to-many(Findings) as seen in the picture below.

Data model

The first relation is used to create the form where the user inputs the data.

The second one is to store the data each time the user completes the form.

<mPER.kmPERFinding.mPER> = <mPER>;
Peer Review workflow