Bizagi Support Levels

Bizagi offers 2 support levels: the Basic Support Service (with no SLAs) and the Premium Support Service (with SLAs) which you may purchase separately according to your requirements.

Basic Support Service

To receive basic support, you must have an active maintenance support contract. Maintenance includes product upgrades/updates and basic product support. Basic Support does not offer any Service Level (no SLAs) and allows customers to open support tickets in Bizagi Portal to report bugs, errors, or suggestions for product enhancement. Support Tickets may also be used to make simple consultations regarding product functionality.

Premium Support Service

This service was designed for those companies that require service levels and special attention to their incidents. This is an optional service, aimed to complement the Basic Support included in the maintenance. The Premium Support Service is based on incidents and is offered in three modalities: Bronze, Silver, and Gold, depending on your service level (SLA) requirements and the number of pre-paid support hours. In order to have access to this service you must have a current and valid maintenance contract for your Bizagi licenses.

The Premium Support programs differentiate from the Basic Support scheme in the sense that they include SLAs and specific time dedication from our support team, which depends on the selected option: Bronze and Silver (5×8) and Gold (7×24). To submit an incident, the client should access Bizagi Portal and open a new ticket, which will be attended to according to the conditions of the acquired program.

On-premises Disclaimer

As the market evolves, we have made necessary changes to continue providing the best possible service to our customers for many more years to come. In order to offer you better availability, reliability, security, simplicity, and continuous innovation in our digital services, Bizagi has been transitioning to a 100% Platform as a Service (PaaS) delivery model. With this new evolution, it is important to start planning the next phases and the migration of your current On-Premises applications to our PaaS. More information can be found here:

  • The sale of On-premises licenses ended on March 31, 2022.
  • The development of new features for all On-premises versions of Bizagi Automation and Studio ended on March 31, 2022.
  • Standard basic support for the On-premises 11. x version of Bizagi Automation and Studio will end on December 31, 2022.

For those customers that need a little extra time to migrate to our PaaS environment, we have developed an “Extended Support Offering”. This offering is only available for a defined period and is meant to help you prepare for your move to PaaS.

Implications of this Extended Support Offer

The Extended Support Option has several key implications for you. It is important that these are understood prior to the period commencing to mitigate any misunderstanding in the future.

  • Support can only be guaranteed for Bizagi-certified environments. This means that only the versions of the operating system, databases, and browsers defined in Bizagi’s documentation will be supported. 
  • Bizagi will only suggest (when possible) mitigation mechanisms to prevent security vulnerabilities to specific versions of the framework, base platform, or third-party components.
  • Bug resolution support is limited to migration from version 10.7 or later to the current version of Bizagi’s on-premises software or to Bizagi’s PaaS solution only. Resolution of bugs that occur during migrations to intermediate versions will not be supported
  • Bug resolution and fixes are limited to existing processes developed on versions prior to 11. New processes should only be developed on Bizagi’s PaaS solution.

We understand that this is an important change, and we are committed to working with you during this transition process. For this reason, in your next renewal, we are offering you the ability to sign up for either (a) an Extended Support Option or (b) a special Move to PaaS program.