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Microsoft and LinkedIn have joined forces to address the increasing demand for artificial intelligence (AI) skills in the workforce. With the launch of the AI Skills Initiative, Microsoft aims to provide individuals with the necessary knowledge and tools to effectively leverage AI technology. Emphasizing the importance of responsible and ethical AI use, this initiative is designed to equip participants with the skills needed for the future of work.

Microsoft’s Free AI Training Course

The AI Skills Initiative offers a comprehensive AI training course developed in collaboration with LinkedIn. This course serves as an introduction to AI and covers topics related to responsible AI practices. Initially available in English, translations into other languages will follow in the coming months.

Upon completion of the course, participants will receive a professional certificate in generative AI from Microsoft, which can be showcased on their LinkedIn profiles. Additionally, the initiative includes supplementary resources, such as a trainer toolkit with AI content for educators, and a free AI skills challenge on Microsoft Learn. The challenge allows individuals to develop essential AI skills using Microsoft technology.

Accessibility and Importance of AI Skills

Microsoft is committed to making the coursework accessible to all, and it will remain available for free until 2025. This initiative addresses the urgent need for AI skills identified by companies worldwide. According to the World Economic Forum, AI skills rank as the third highest priority for company training programs. Microsoft’s research also reveals that while many individuals desire AI to assist with their workload, concerns about job displacement remain prevalent. The AI Skills Initiative aims to alleviate these concerns by empowering workers with the knowledge and experience necessary to effectively utilize AI technologies.

Future Outlook

The AI Skills Initiative represents the latest endeavour in Microsoft’s ongoing Skills for Jobs program, which has already aided millions in finding new careers in high-demand fields like cybersecurity. This initiative promises to bring further innovation and partnerships to the forefront, as Microsoft and LinkedIn continue their efforts to bridge the AI skills gap and foster a workforce ready for the future of work.

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