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Error Could not generate assembly for

Web portal error in Bizagi

Error Type: BaseException

Error Message: Unable to process control: _. Control type: ContentPanel. Unable to process property: _. Error processing Rule = _; Error: Error Evaluating Rule _ -Error Could not generate assembly for [C:\home\site\wwwroot\App_Data\Temporary\ComponentLibrary\BizAgi.ComponentLibrary.CRuleContextJS.js]: Errors: Error Line,Column:596,26 Error Description: ‘get’ is a new reserved word and should not be used as an identifier

Error Could not generate assembly for

How can you fix it

This type of error is happening because one or more of the library rules have compilation errors. From my understanding Bizagi compiles and caches the library rules when the application is deployed. So, if at least one of the library rules has a compilation error then when you try to do something in the Bizagi web portal – which involves calling a rule, you get the above error message. In my situation, this happened when I tried to start a new process.

So, as a fix, you must check all your library rules and make sure they don’t have any errors. This could be as simple as running the Syntax and references validation or checking the validation messages displayed when the library rule is saved.

Syntax and references validation in Bizagi