Bizagi Connector

DocuSign enhanced Bizagi connector

About DocuSign

DocuSign is a fast, reliable, and secured way to electronically sign documents. The electronic signature service can be directly integrated with Bizagi using the custom DocuSign connector.

Business case: onboarding new employee

There are many documents associated with hiring a new employee, things like contact forms, benefits enrollment, and many more. All those documents can be filled out and signed electronically.

Step 1: The HR individual connects to the secured web application using his/her own credentials.

Step 2: Using a custom user interface, he/she enters all necessary details in regards to the new employee

Step 3. The workflow generates all necessary documents in PDF format based on the entered details from step 2, and using the DocuSign connector it sends all this data to the new employee

Step 4. The new employee receives an email with a custom message explaining what needs to be done. The user can sign the documents from any device in a secure way.

Step 5. The signed documents are retrieved by the web application. The HR individual can now see the signed documents and the process flow can continue with the next stage from the onboarding procedure.


Connector features

  • Basic authentication (email, password, integrator key)
  • New method: Create envelope/CreateEnvelopeExtended
    • Features:
      • Accepts multiple recipients (email, name, recipient Id)
      • multiple tabs (name initials, signature, date signed, full name, check-boxes, tab group)
      • allows KBA (Knowledge-base authentication)
  • New method: Get envelope Url/GetEnvelopeURL
    • Returns the Url of the envelope and with this URL the document can be displayed in a user interface form.

How to download the DocuSign connector

Please send us an email requesting the connector. Our team will send back the connector backed up by the technical documentation and a few examples on how to integrate it with Bizagi.