RPA UiPath

How to install the UiPath Community Edition

Welcome to our quick guide on how to install the UiPath Community edition in 3 easy steps.

Step 1

Download the Studio from the Resource Center in UiPath Automation Cloud and run the installer. Select Custom (recommended for Enterprise/Advanced Users), then press Configure.

Welcome to UiPath Setup

Step 2

Select Install mode

Choose Install for me only, then press Next.

Step 3

Choose an installation package

Choose Automation Developer because we want to install the Studio and the Assistant + Robot.

Select Advance Settings and follow the next instructions.

Automation Developer - Advance Settings

On the Installation Package page, you can see the path where the tool is installed. Add the Orchestrator URL, then select Extensions.

UiPath extensions

On the Extensions page, check the first 2 options (mandatory) and then check the option for your browser. In my case I want to have the UiPath Extension on both of my browsers: Chrome and Edge.

UiPath Security

On the Security page, check Disable Telemetry. This is the quickest way to opt out of telemetry and you can find more about it here.

Hit the Install button.

Please wait while the product installs

The Uipath Studio is installing…

Completed the UiPath Setup

The confirmation message after the installation was successful. Go on and select Launch UiPath Studio.